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211 Data and Reporting

At Megascope, we are huge fans of 211 and 211 data. The service is a marvel, reaching nearly the entire United States population while remaining rooted in local communities. Each year millions of people get information and referrals from 211 and are better able to navigate crises and enjoy their lives. This direct impact speaks for itself. 

In the process of helping so many people, 211 and other I&R providers collect an astonishing amount of data that can help them understand their communities, influence funding and policy decisions, and diagnose equity issues. The key to leveraging the information is getting it out of the database and into the hands of the right people using the right reporting tools. If this is something you've been wanting to start or improve at your 211, Megascope Data can help! 

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Supercharge Your 211 Data

We are experts in visualizing 211 and I&R data thanks to years of practice and iteration, and we would love to help you reach your goals for data visualization and reporting. Whether it's building Power BI dashboards for key stakeholders, automating your monthly reporting tasks, or simply streamlining your manual data work, we can help you create permanent data reporting capacity for your organization.  

Below are some example dashboard-style 211 reports created using sample data. All of our Power BI solutions are custom built and the data elements, branding, layout, etc., are tailored to your specific needs. Our main goal is to tell a clear, accurate data story that leaves users with actionable insights.  

211 Statewide Dashboard

211 Illinois is a collaborative of multiple contact centers providing information and referrals services to communities across the state of Illinois. Megascope Data created a statewide data platform that incorporates each center's data and enables unified reporting and analysis. This public dashboard seeks to guide users on a data-centered journey through the process 211 uses to help clients find resources and navigate crises.

211 Analytics Dashboard

While a general public dashboard is excellent for engagement, storytelling, and advocacy, sometimes details and drilldowns are needed to really dig into a dataset. This analytics dashboard offers a robust set of filters and the capability to cross-filter the interactive charts. The dynamic details in the header maintain the user's awareness of what they are looking at. 

988 Lifeline Dashboard

The team at Heart of Florida United Way does lifesaving work in central Florida every day. We collaborated to create this dashboard highlighting the impact of 988. It is aimed at stakeholders and the general public and allows for a quick understanding of the scope of the service, as well as some deeper insights into who is being served.

211 Equity Data Toolkit

Your 211 data can be a powerful tool for equity work! Do caller needs change with demographics? Do 211 callers reflect the community? Are people getting help equitably, or does identity predict outcomes? We specialize in using I&R data to answer these questions. This sample "toolkit" showcases a few ways you might use data for equity.

Want to add this capability to your 211 or I&R service? Contact us and set up an initial meeting to discuss your vision.