Nonprofits & Business Intelligence

Megascope Data exists because we saw first-hand the transformative power of data in the social service sector. Megascope understands the unique challenges and opportunities that nonprofits face and we believe that leveraging the analytics and data visualization offered by business intelligence (BI) platforms such as Microsoft Power BI can help organizations better achieve their missions and make a greater impact in their communities. 

Most of the BI industry is focused on for-profit businesses. That's why we offer consulting services to design and build business intelligence systems tailored to the specific needs of nonprofit organizations. With a well-designed system in place, nonprofits can reap benefits across the full range of their work and operations. Below are a few of the many ways that nonprofits can benefit from a Megascope Data BI solution. 

1.) Improved Decision-making & Greater Impact

With access to real-time data and analytics, you as a nonprofit leader can make decisions that are better aligned with your organization's mission and goals, ultimately leading to greater impact in their community. 

2.) More Stakeholder Engagement

Our business intelligence systems are designed to help nonprofits share data with their stakeholders, including board members, donors, volunteers, and clients. This can foster a sense of transparency and collaboration, and help stakeholders better understand your organization's work and impact. 

3.) Better Understanding of Client Needs

Megascope's BI solutions can help your organization collect and analyze data on the demographics, needs, and preferences of your clients and constituents. This can inform program design and improve the effectiveness of outreach and engagement efforts.

4.) Enhanced Fundraising & Grant-writing

By demonstrating the impact of your work through data, your organization can more effectively communicate value to donors and funders. Megascope understands that your relationship with funding organizations has a direct effect on how well you can serve your community. Having impact data at your fingertips can be the difference between receiving a grant and missing out. 

5.) Greater Transparency & Accountability

Megascope makes your data readily available to anyone you'd like to share it with. By sharing data and information with your staff, board, community, and funders you can show that your impact is not anecdotal but clear and measurable. This can keep you accountable to your stakeholders and help to build and maintain trust as you work in your community.

6.) Enhanced collaboration and coordination with other organizations

At Megascope, we love to use data to make connections. By sharing data and insights with other nonprofits, government agencies, and other partners, you can better coordinate your efforts and leverage your collective resources to achieve common goals. 

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