Power BI Dashboard Examples

Power BI is a very flexible platform that allows for unlimited ways of displaying and interacting with data. But that can make it hard to conceptualize specific use cases. This page offers a few examples of ways Power BI dashboards can be used to tell stories with data, track organizational performance, and make data-driven decisions. 

Data Storytelling: The Racial Wealth Gap

This dashboard focuses on helping users understand the racial wealth gap in the United States. It uses a combination of charts and narratives to present data on Black/White wealth disparities over time. It allows users to see how the wealth gap changed over the lifetimes of several well-known Black Americans, and they can even follow a link to input their own birth year. Data visualizations like this are a powerful tool for anyone working to raise awareness or improve understanding on an issue.

Donor & Campaign Dashboard

This Donor Dashboard is designed to help organizations track their fundraising efforts. It includes visualizations of key metrics such as donation amounts, year-over-year giving, and donor demographics. It emphasizes workplace giving campaigns, and allows the user to compare campaigns with each other, and dive into the specific donors within each campaign. Dashboards like this one can help organizations to quickly see how their fundraising efforts are performing and identify areas for improvement.

211 Community Needs Dashboard

This sample community needs report brings together many of the core data elements collected while providing Information and Referral services. It allows users to select meaningful geographic regions and specific need categories and the dynamic title adds clarity by describing the in-scope data with text. 

Equity Data Toolkit Dashboard

This dashboard takes Information and Referral call center data and looks at it through an equity lens. There is a page that disaggregates caller need data by various demographic data elements. There are also report pages that compare the race and education levels of callers to US Census estimates of the community and identifies some disparities that might exist. 

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