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Project-based Services 

If you have important information you'd like to share in an interactive format (e.g. an Annual Report, a client survey, etc.), our project-based BI service is the perfect solution. We can quickly move the information from the spreadsheet or database where it currently lives and bring it to life with a custom-made interactive dashboard. We have a wealth of experience tailoring Power BI reports for non-technical audiences such as donors and executives and can work with you to craft a captivating data story for your specific viewers. Project-based reporting is also a good first step to explore BI capabilities before fully adopting them as an organization. 

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Managed Reporting 

Would you like a robust reporting capability in your organization, but don't currently have the capacity? Managed Reporting Services may be a good fit. We can do the work to make sure you have good, timely information at your fingertips without having to lift a finger. Managed reporting often includes one or more Power BI reports but can also include the production and distribution of static pdf reports and spreadsheets. 

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Power BI Consulting Services

If you have a person or team working with your data already, or are looking to hire an in-house data manager, we can walk you through the steps for adding Power BI as a tool in your data toolkit. Power BI adoption can range from a complete overhaul of your organization's data architecture to an as-needed capability (something like our project-based services). We can work with you to assess the costs and benefits of in-house BI capability, then help you set it up in a way that suits your organization and train your in-house data team to work wonders! 

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Data & Reporting Checkup

We love to design ways to make existing data processes and reporting more impactful. Maybe Power BI is not your next step. We can look at your current data environment and find potential changes that will save you time and help you tell a better data story. We can also work with you to get a firm handle on Quality Assurance and data standardization. 

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